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We employ cutting-edge techniques and top-of-the-line equipment to meticulously execute all facets of instrument repair. With a wealth of experience spanning many years, our team has garnered a sterling reputation among a diverse clientele, all of whom have been thoroughly satisfied with our services. Rest assured, your instrument is in capable hands with us.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Your instrument will be cleaned and flushed using one of our "green" Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks.  Our tanks use high frequency sound waves that compress and expand throughout the instrument.  These waves create a scrubbing cleaning action, resulting in a friendly safe way to clean your instrument without the need of harsh chemicals.  This process includes disassembly of your instrument, thorough cleaning of the inside and outside, installation of new corks, felts, necessary springs and cleaning of slides and valves.  Minor dent work is also included.  







French Horn




All cleaning services start at the above prices. If additional work is required, it will be discussed and approved at an additional cost before we begin the work. Our work is billed at $85hr. 

Playing Condition

Your instrument will be fully inspected for damage and playing concerns. You will be provided with an estimate for the recommended repairs. Please be detailed with any concerns if you ship us your instrument so we can be sure to address your concerns. This is a general industry term that can mean a simple solder point to a sticky valve or piston. Most playing condition services are in the price range of $25 - $85. 

Solder Points





Stuck Slide Removal


Piston damage


Trombone Slide work

Starts @ $80.00

Custom Work

Book an appointment for a consult on your custom request. We have a reputation for making your horn play better than you ever thought possible. Do you have an intonation issue? Tightness in just a few notes? Horn have intermittent issues, there one minute and not there later? Let us track down the issue so you can focus on performing.

Trumpet Leadpipe Upgrade

Red-rot is a common issue for most trumpet players, its not a matter of if it will happen, its when. Let us help you select the optimal leadpipe based on our years of experience. You ship us the leadpipe and your trumpet or book an appointment to have a pro setup session so we can fully customize your playing experience. 

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