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  • Is MI Repair an open enrollment school? Are there evening online courses available?
    Yes, MI Repair is an open enrollment school that welcomes students from all backgrounds and experiences. We offer flexible online courses that can be taken in the evening to accommodate busy schedules. Contact us to find the next available session that meets your needs. Our team is dedicated to supporting you in achieving your goals, and we look forward to helping you succeed.
  • Do I need my own tools?
    If you are taking the online courses you will need to purchase the required tools and supplies to complete the training. You do not need to bring tools for the course if you attend in person. You will have the option to purchase class packages for the instruments as you learn to work on them. All tools for the class will be provided for in person sessions.
  • How do I enroll?
    Fill out the contact form and our team will call you to begin the process.
  • Can I use financial aid?
    At this time we are only able to accept cash, checks, credit cards. We hope to add financial aid services in the future. Need to set up a payment plan? Call for more details.
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